#9: Plan Your Visit

As we mentioned in our very first blog post, some people prepare for emergencies and others don’t.  You may think it will never happen to you, but what if it does?  If you have an unexpected medical situation arise you may be shaken and confused.  Knowing what to do and where to go in advance will help calm your nerves and make good decisions.

We know you can’t plan your emergency, but you can plan your visit to the right facility.  In this day and age, there are all sorts of services available that can help make your emergency go more smoothly.  Here are a few things you need to know. 

Wait Times

We believe it is understood that all the facilities we are talking about are “walk-in, no appointment” facilities.

Historically, hospital-based emergency rooms were notorious for long wait times in hard plastic chairs.  But, as far as our researchers can tell, hospital-based ERs, FSERs, and Urgent Care Clinics have all reduced their wait times dramatically, and many are posting their current wait times on electronic marquees or on their websites. You may be able to use your computer or cell-phone to check

Some of the Urgent Care Clinics boast “pleasurable wait times,” with amenities such as fireplaces and luxuriously appointed waiting rooms.


In addition, many Urgent Care Clinics now offer online check-in.  You can check in or schedule an appointment before you leave the comfort of your home or while you are on the way.  This convenience factor may influence your decision-making.

Patient Forms 

You can download patient forms at many of the provider websites and fill them out in advance of your arrival. Naturally, this will expedite your check-in and wait time.

Be Prepared

As part of your personal “Know Where to Go” plan, we would strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the list of facilities offered below (and separately in our next blog post).  We encourage you to actually drive by the facilities and understand their physical location in relation to your home, work, and school.

We also suggest that you click on the links we have provided to their websites to familiarize yourself with each facility as part of your planning, and to be familiar with how to check wait times online, how to use online check-in, and to take advantage of downloadable forms.


CareNow Urgent Care

5620 S Parker Rd., Aurora, CO 80015,  720-446-5893. Online check-in available.

Concentra Urgent Care

15235 E 38th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011. (303) 340-3053.  (Near Chambers and I70)

Concentra Urgent Care – Aurora North

3449 Chambers Road, Suite B, Aurora, CO  80011.  720-859-6139.

Concentra Urgent Care – Aurora Southeast

10355 E Iliff Avenue, Aurora, CO  80247. 303-755-4955.  (Near Havana and Parker Road). 

NextCare Urgent Care

18890 E Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO 80013. 303-617-1604. (Near Hampden & Tower Road.) Online Check-In Available.

OnPoint Urgent Care, Aurora

24300 E. Smoky Hill Road, Suite 120, Aurora, CO 80016 303-330-0410 (Near Aurora Parkway; east of C470), 303-330-0410. Online check-in Available. . 

Rocky Mountain Urgent Care (a.k.a. Aurora Urgent Care)

13650 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012. 303-695.   (Near the intersection of E Mississippi Ave and S Potomac St.)  Online check-in available

ZipClinic Urgent Care

1250 S. Buckley Rd N., Aurora, CO 80017. 303-223-9863. (Corner of Buckley and Mississippi near Albertson’s). 


 Saddle Rock ER (Affiliated with The Medical Center of Aurora)

22500 E. Dry Creek Road, Aurora, CO 80016. 720- 376-6400

Southlands ER  (Affiliated with: Parker Adventist Hospital)

6159 S. Southlands Parkway, Aurora, CO 80016.  303-649-3000.

 UCHealth ER (Aurora Central) (Affiliated with: UCHealth

15300 E Mississippi Avenue, Aurora, CO 80017. 303-617-4140.

UCHealth ER (Smoky Hill)  (Affiliated with: UCHealth)

25551 E Smoky Hill Rd., Aurora, CO 80016. 303-400-4280.

Please send additions or corrections to this list to info@aurorahealthaccess.org.