Links to COVID-19 Resources

A Note from the AHA Board Chairs

We know so many of you are on the front lines of this global crisis, and we deeply appreciate your service and sacrifice at this time. As a part of the healthcare community in Aurora, AHA is doing all we can to help in this situation. We are and will be collecting and disseminating important and reliable COVID-19 information, resources, and opportunities for folks to assist the community.

  • The AHA Quarterly Community Meetings will be virtual-only for the foreseeable future.
  • AHA Staff are lining up virtual options for meetings as long as needed.
  • If you have important info you would like shared with the community, we would be happy to share it.

Let’s all continue to consume and disperse accurate information, and use our skills and voices to assist those in our community who may not have the ability to manage this outbreak for themselves.

April 2, 2020 – Heather Logan & Mitzi Schindler, CoChairs of the AHA Board