Colorado Access

Molly Markert has been in Aurora almost since the pioneers built the sod houses out on the Prairie. She remembers when nobody would go east of Peoria for anything because there wasn’t much there. She fondly recalls getting her very first speeding ticket on the Fitzimons campus when her ‘68 VW bug powered up to more than 20 miles an hour in a 10 MPH zone.

She has ridden on trash trucks as part of North West Aurora neighborhood cleanups. She was blessed with jobs that allowed her to start programs for Aurora Mental Health, Metro Community Provider Network (now STRIDE), the ARC of Aurora and the ARC of Colorado, Tri County Health, and St. Joe’s, doing whatever the SCL Sisters told her to do to carry out their mission of charism. Probably other things but she can’t remember anymore. She served two terms in the state legislature back when it was a civilized place to be and after raising two smart delightful children, served 12 years on Aurora City Council.

She was a founding board member for Aurora Health Alliance (nee Access), was on the forefront of legislation to start the Community College of Aurora and is most proud of her work empowering victims and crime witnesses. She is currently the Community Engagement Liaison for Colorado Access and is a loyal servant to her beautiful Saluki dog Cloud. She has always had a rather vivid imagination and plans to corral her thoughts into a “tell all” book about all the amazing and outrageous people she has known, if she can remember.