a community where all residents have an opportunity for health.


to work collaboratively to improve access to healthcare & create a healthier Aurora, with a focus on the most vulnerable & underserved.

Guiding Principles:

  • Serve as a catalyst, coalition-builder, and impartial convener.
  • Build and nurture collaboration in understanding and in seeking solutions to Aurora’s healthcare problems.
  • Commit to an inclusive, productive, and respectful approach to community discussions and problem-solving; one that focuses on solutions, not blame.
  • Seek to engage and listen to those directly affected by community health issues.
  • Offer multiple ways to engage in what we do, so that more people, communities, and organizations can participate.
  • Identify, promote, and build upon what is already working well.
  • Strengthen Aurora’s capacity by supporting new and emerging professionals, providers, activists, and leaders.
  • Acknowledge contributions and celebrate successes.