July 2016

Aurora Health Alliance would like to acknowledge “stellar” service provided by The Medical Center of Aurora (TMCA), Aurora’s Vision Care Specialists, DispatchHealth, and Metro Community Provider Network (MCPN).

In early May, 2016, Mary, a single mom in Aurora, walked into the emergency room at The Medical Center of Aurora. Her vision was blurry, her eyes were very sore and she was extremely anxious. Mary had visited another emergency room twice in the prior week, and been diagnosed and given treatment for pink eye, but her condition was only getting worse.

It was compounded by her worry that she was going blind and wouldn’t be able to care for her son. In desperation, she called a friend from her church for advice and support. Knowing she had no transportation, her friend called DispatchHealth to see if they could come to her apartment to check her out. After listening to Mary’s symptoms and condition (and that she had no medical home), DispatchHealth advised that while they could send someone out right away, they would probably not have the appropriate ophthalmic equipment in their vehicle to adequately assess her problem. They suggested she avoid the delay of a house call, and go
immediately to an ED. Her friend took Mary to the emergency room at TMCA.

Physician Assistant Skyla Bosco saw her in a timely manner. The advice from DispatchHealth had been spot on and Ms. Bosco was able to run tests to determine that Mary had a serious abrasion on her right cornea. She prescribed medication and advised Mary to see an eye doctor ASAP. When Mary said she had no eye doctor, Ms. Bosco said TMCA would try to find a specialist to take her. Ms. Bosco also noticed the anxiety Mary was
going through and assured and comforted her that this was a condition that could be treated and that she wasn’t going to go blind.

The next morning, a patient service representative from Vision Care Specialists in Aurora called Mary to tell her she could be seen that afternoon. Dr. Susan Stewart at Vision Care Specialists examined Mary’s eyes, fitted her with a medicated contact for the cornea abrasion, and scheduled two follow-up appointments to check her progress. A few days
later, Mary’s eyes were healing nicely and by the final checkup the next week, her eyes showed no more impacts from the abrasion or pink eye.

AHA would like to award the providers involved in this case with AHA Gold Stars. First, a Gold Star goes to TMCA for its stellar ED care, and for arranging the follow-up specialist care. We’d also like to thank Vision Care Specialists for treating Mary. We’d especially like to thank practitioner Skyla Bosco of the TMCA ED and Dr. Susan Stewart of Vision Care Specialists for their expert and sensitive care for Mary. Both Ms. Bosco and Dr. Stewart recognized not only the physical problem but also the anxiety Mary was feeling after a week of a painful and deteriorating eye condition. They both took the initiative to reassure and comfort her that her condition was treatable. A Gold Star also goes to DispatchHealth for its professionalism in handling Mary’s situation when called, and then MCPN, which afterward took Mary, who had no medical home, into its integrated, wrap-around health care program, Bridges to Care.