March 2017

My mother, Doris Rempp, asked me to help her write a Gold Star Story to recognize the excellent care she received at The Medical Center of Aurora’s Cardiac Cath Lab. –Denise Denton

My Heart is in Good Hands, Doris Rempp

It started with a song! The delightful woman, Sonia Sanchez Registrar – Main Admissions, who checked me in, couldn’t have been nicer. (If you can figure out who this was, I’d love to mention her by name too. Mom had the procedure on the morning of May 3.)And she spoke Spanish, so not only was I able to practice a little, but we ended up singing an old children’s song together – “los pollitos dicen, pio pio pio, cuando tienen hambre; cuando tiened frio.”

From the moment you enter TMCA’s Cardiac Cath Lab, you are treated like an honored guest. Twice in the past month, I’ve visited the Cath Lab for cardioversion procedures. This is where they try to shock your heart back into regular rhythm; mine seems to be beating to a different drummer lately. Marc Dorsey and Shannon Tyson, who got me settled in, couldn’t have been nicer or more thorough. Of course, they made sure all the forms and paperwork were in order, but they also took time to help me feel more comfortable and confident. Marc even let me touch his chin dimple for good luck, when I asked.

Thanks to the lovely twilight sleep, I can’t offer any details of the care I got during the procedure, but based on what I experienced from TMCA staff before the procedure – and based on the fact that I’m writing this, it all went well.

And the caring and attentiveness doesn’t stop when the procedure is done. I was visited by Christina Chaney, the Nurse Leader who checked on me afterwards to ask how it all went. And even David Rogers, Dir. Cath Lab came by to say hello and ask how I was. (I was taken with his piercing blue eyes though, that I don’t think I was very eloquent. I hope he thought it was just the anesthesia.)

So, I can’t say enough good things about the care and hospitality of the staff at The Medical Center of Aurora. I know my heart is in good hands there.