So much of what makes us healthy has to do with where we live, learn, work, and play. If you would like to join AHA in learning about and addressing factors that affect health outside of the doctor’s office, help us explore issues like housing, transportation, poverty, and more so we can find the small part AHA and all of our organizations can play in addressing them.

Download a list of organizations participating in the SDOH group.

Library for Social Determinants of Health

July 2018Local Advocacy
July 2018Enhancing Existing Voter Registration Efforts
January 2018 Cooking Matters Presentation
January 2018AHA SODH presentation on WIC
20172014 Colorado Cost of Childcare Report
2017 City of Aurora: Hotel/Motel Systematic Inspections Program
2017 Bed Bugs and Mold Information
2017 City of Aurora Health and Housing Code
2017 Public Accommodation Regulations
2017 Colfax Community Network Needs Assessment
2017Group Purposes Diagram