Know Where to Go Project

Thanks to funding from the Colorado Health Foundation in November 2016, AHA expanded a community education project explaining the differences between urgent care centers and free-standing emergency rooms.

Please download and share our resources!

KWTG Infographic

8.5×11 visual guide to the difference between Free-standing ERs, Urgent Care Clinics, and Hospital ERs, in English and Spanish. It was used on a 9News TV segment about ER vs. UC!

KWTG: Zombie Apocalypse Brochure in English and Spanish

KWTG: Zombie Apocalypse 24×36 inch poster, in Spanish and English

KWTG: Rack Card in Spanish and English

Know Where To Go Blog

by Sharon Cairns Mann

KWTG White Paper

27-page white paper detailing the differences between free-standing ERs and Urgent Care Clinics, developed by Laura Ciancone.

Valerie Purser created these Know Where to Go animated videos for our YouTube channel  in English and Spanish. Feel free to share!