#12: Zombie Apocalypse: Know Where to Go if You’re Attacked by Zombies!

Do you “know where to go” if you’re attacked by Zombies?  Here’s a quick checklist: Is your injury immediately life threatening?  If “NO” try your Primary Care Clinic if possible.  They know your medical history and it’s likely less expensive (unless your doctor has become a Zombie!). The next best option is an Urgent Care

#11: Glossary of Terms for “Know Where to Go” Blog

We hope you have benefited from the information we’ve presented in this “Know Where to Go” blog.  Here’s are some definitions in case you have any questions about terms we use. Glossary of Terms All Payer Claims Database: Administered by the Center for Improving Value in Health Care. A database for consumers to access claims

#10: List of Facilities, Aurora, CO

As we mentioned in our previous blog be prepared.  As part of your personal “Know Where to Go” plan, we would strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the list of Free-Standing Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Clinics offered below.  We encourage you to actually drive by the facilities and understand their physical location in

#8: What if I Make the Wrong Choice?

It’s normal to be very frightened during an unexpected medical situation; however, if you plan ahead, you will likely make the right church if this occasion arises.  But what if you don’t?  Here are some things to ease your mind: Urgent Care  Even though urgent care clinics are usually not equipped to handle life-or-limb threatening

#6: Are free-standing emergency rooms and urgent care clinics required by law to provide certain services?

Service Requirements for Urgent Care Clinics  In Colorado, there are no regulatory requirements for specific services to be offered in urgent care clinics. The level and range of services vary from clinic to clinic. The Urgent Care Association of America lists baseline primary care services as well as more specific care that extends beyond typical

#5: What Are the Staffing Requirements?

Staffing Requirements of Urgent Care Clinics  In Colorado, there are no on-site staff requirements for urgent care clinics as they are not held to facility regulation or licensing standards. The only regulations they are held to are through individual licensure of their on-site health professionals, which is overseen by the Department of Regulatory Affairs (DORA).

#4: How Are Medical Facilities Licensed in Colorado?

If you are a consumer and you are following this blog, you may wonder which facilities  can call themselves “Urgent Care” and or “Emergency Room.”  The laws vary from state-to-state, but here’s what you need to know in Colorado. Licensure of Urgent Care Clinics  In the state of Colorado, the Health Facilities and Emergency Medical

#2: What’s the Difference?

When deciding where to go for medical care, a big question is “What’s the difference?” between facilities?  Between a Free-Standing Emergency Room and Urgent Care?  Between Urgent Care and a Retail Clinic?  In this post, we describe the differences, including a table for easy viewing. Depending on the illness or injury, your first choice should